Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cough Cough Wheeze

After their well-publicized falling-out culminating in a small fire in a Memphis hotel, the members of Bonus Ghost (and their respective lawyers) have set aside their differences and are returning to the stage for a 37-stop blowout reunion tour!

Due to the mysterious forces that bind my blogging output to their musical and financial success, I will be resuming this blog.

The Hollow Tooth Diaries are long-since over (though I may do a few HTD Retrospectives), but I'm pleased to announce the fresh new travelblog stylings of the Quinine Chronicles (being a recount of interesting and noteworthy occurances during my visit to Kenya)

I'll be diving back into running my mouth off about tabletop games and sharing my amateur game design attempts. My biggest current project is a miniatures skirmish game tentatively called Spectrum Cosmos. I'll be posting its very work-in-progress mechanics as well as its fluffier side. When I've got nothing else to write about, I'll throw up some bits and pieces of my comprehensive overhaul of AEG's defunct 7th Sea or some other project otherwise decaying on my hard drive.

In essence, welcome to the BGH Volume II.


  1. Boffer good show, old chap! Worth my tenpence if its worth a shilling, I always say!

  2. Friend Ian, your kind words have imparted to me the resolve I require to continue.