Monday, June 7, 2010

The Hollow Tooth Diaries: First Impressions

Airport: serviceable and small.
Oh, God, I'm not going to be able to get any cash ever.
Fixed-rate taxis=civilization.
The outskirts at least are pretty North American: Malls, freeways, etc.
Alright, there are some church spires.
This isn't my apartment. This is the rustic shack of a humble woodcarver.
This IS my apartment, I just can't get inside.
I'm a man in need of some free WiFi.
Look! Free WiFi!
Zannis is online! I'm saved!
On my way to a new home.
Wait, if Zannis was online, that means my new home ALSO has free WiFi!
Palatial much?
Wait, EVERY building has statuary?
Oh. I got cash. That was easy.
Dinner with new friends in a new home.
Man, I gotta get off this free WiFi and do something.

(Further Hollow Tooth Diaries will provide a retrospective of the Tour and more on Riga as I get out into it. As always, the Diaries are cross-posted to the EUSTblog)

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