Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome, Friends!

... because at least for now, probably only friends will read this. Like, real, physical people who I know. You know who you are.

So what is Bonus Ghost? Bonus Ghost is more than a band - it's a total sonic/cultural experience. Their use of simple and traditional rock stylings mixed with blues and indie highlights is not a result of a lack of imagination, but rather a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and social forces that have combined to create their genre of sound. The sense of their self-awareness is only highlighted by their lyrics which, though seemingly simple, are littered with literary and pop-cultural references. Their albums can often be read as the post-modern odysseys of ordinary people drifting though a world of recycled culture and content to find greater understanding and meaning. They are also wholly ficticious, which means they won't mind if I use their Hauntarchy to blog about nerd crap.

Expect miscellaneous, uncategorized updates as the mood takes me, but here are the semi-regular features I forsee:
The Hollow Tooth Diaries - I am travelling right now and will soon be living in Latvia for several months. This feature will be my travelblog for my adventures in this post-Soviet wonderland. Any embellishments for the sake of exciting content will be suitably blatant. I reserve the rights to make as many Dr. Doom jokes as I want.
Workshop Tomorrow
- Descriptions of my various game system projects, both additions to existing games and new inventions, including but not limited to an as-yet unnamed constructable card game, a cinematic fight scene game tentatively called Kumite! and Big Finish, the totally improvised RPG.
Sourcebook Corner - Character and plot sketches for the stories I would write if I had any faith in my abilities. Also, since I've managed to convince myself that most of them would work better as comics, they'll never see the light of day unless you are a talented artist who is totally willing to draw whatever I say. These include Alpha Faction, slightly campy '50s espionage/action story about the agency that started the Cold War as a distraction from what's really going on; Vth Quadrant, sci-fi-parody-farce; and Chronintel (If you have a better name, let me know), about a time-and-genre-travelling cosmic superspy and his supporting cast of weird sentient beings from across Known History.
The Politics of Make-Believe - Also known as Overthinking It: A Continuing Series, this is where I put my degree to work drastically nerding out over the economic/political/social/philosophical implications of various made-up worlds and concepts. Of all the regular features, this is the one I've developed least, so I would put out a request for suggestions of topics to tackle. I've got vague plans to discuss necromancy and religion in your standard, Blandsville D+D-style setting. After that, I dunno. The geopolitics of the Iron Kingdoms or something.

This is all subject to change. I'm mostly doing this to get in the habit of writing for myself and would welcome comments and suggestions for improvement. Really, I mean it. So, once more, welcome, friends. I hope we can both get something out of this.

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